Private Massage Rooms

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Three private, all-new Private Massage Rooms.

One is almost always available without an appointment.

Bring your own music if you wish.  Our Sonos sound system allows you to be immersed in your own music with a simple click.

Vichy Rainforest Wet Room


Vichy Room

Our Vichy Rainforest Wet Room recreates the warm, enveloping mists of a rainforest for total body care.

Lie flat on our padded table and feel the warm rainforest effect of six technologically advanced shower heads.

Relax under a gentle cascade of perfect temperature water which covers all parts of your body during the massage.

Foot Massages and Foot Soaks

Feet Massage Station

We have six brand new, comfortable foot massage stations.
You will always find one available when you walk into our Zen studio.
Relax with wonderful, unique music and Zen sounds on our brand new sound system.

Chair Massage Station


chair station

New Equipment, Quality design.

Totally immerse yourself with a shoulder, neck and arm massage.

Enjoy separately or in combination with a foot massage.


Elegant Design. Zen Forms.



We created  a holistic experience for you, not missing any details along the way.


Escape for a weekly vacation at Zen Massage Place.

Privacy, Relaxation and Restoration



We value our client’s privacy and your precious time.

We give our full attention to your massage session to ensure it is fully relaxing and entirely restorative.